High intensity pulsed light, IPL

IPL, or high intensity pulsed light, is a versatile procedure that can improve various skin conditions.
The first IPL device was approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995, to treat dilated capillaries called spider veins.
Since then, the use of IPL has increased to treat other conditions, such as vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and even unwanted hair.

What pulsed light is used for

At Image Regenerative Clinic, IPL is also used for a procedure called Mixed Vascular Pigmentary Skin Photorejuvenation. It is a photorejuvenation of the skin that visibly reduces dark spots caused by sun exposure, but also to minimizes capillaries and redness related to acne rosacea.
Furthermore, the treatment causes a contraction of the collagen fibers of the dermis, which stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new ones, with a consequent anti-aging effect.
Unlike other lasers, which focus on a single skin problem (for example, working only on dark spots, or on red ones), IPL manages to counteract different blemishes at the same time (therefore dark spots and red areas together).

How pulsed light works

The machine emits a beam of energy that penetrates all layers of the skin without damaging the surface, so that recovery times are short, if any. The treatment can be performed on the face, hands, neck, chest and legs.
For most people, multiple sessions are required to see optimal results, usually within three to four weeks.
It works best on fair phototypes and non-tanned skin. It is not possible to treat some ethnic types of dermises.

Effects of treatment with pulsed light

IPL is most effective on hyperpigmentation, helping to reduce sun and age spots, freckles and melasma.
It is also very effective against redness caused by broken capillaries, against rosacea and reddish areas in general.
Recovery time needed is minimal, and you can usually go back to your routine straight after treatment.
The risks of IPL are lower than any other light-based procedures.

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