Hair filler

What it solves

Aid scalp hydration

Strengthen the hair bulb

Combat hair thinning

Hair loss is not only an issue for men, and women also suffer from the same problem. In many cases, hair filler treatments are an effective solution.

How hair filler works

This non-surgical aesthetic medical technique consists of injecting hyaluronic acid into the scalp. It acts as a carrier of biomimetic peptides, i.e. substances that mimic the action of natural proteins and assist cell regeneration.

More specifically, biomimetic peptides are short sequences of amino acids that are reproduced in the laboratory, and their structure is very similar to the active part of natural proteins. When injected into the scalp, they manage to enter the cell by modifying its behavior, to:

  • influence regrowth, regenerating damaged follicles
  • re-densify the treated area
  • stop hair loss
  • thicken the hair
  • counteract free radicals that can damage it
  • promote microcirculation by stimulating the development of new blood vessels that will nourish both the scalp and the hair follicles themselves
  • inhibit apoptosis, i.e. the programmed death of cells, therefore also of the bulb (which forms the base of the hair follicle).

The hair filler (i.e. hyaluronic acid) acts as a carrier for the biomimetic (synthetic) peptides that stimulate the thickening of receding hairlines and give stronger, thicker and more full-bodied hair.

When hair filler is appropriate

The hair filler acts on each hair bulb by stimulating its “awakening”, therefore it is not indicated for cases of overt baldness. Instead, it is ideal for counteracting the effects of alopecia, thinning – also as a result of stress, trauma, pregnancy and breastfeeding – and particular weakness of the hair, especially if very thin.

In summary

For whom is it appropriate

Hair filler treatment is indicated for anyone with thin, lackluster hair. Also effective in cases where hair loss is due to stress or medical reasons (for example, following chemotherapy).


Deficient hair quality (thin hair), tendency of hair loss.


Any age and any time of the year.


20/30 minutes.

Number of treatments and frequency

4 sessions over a week + 1 maintenance session every 6-8 months.






Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs hair filler treatments in Milan.


You can view before and after photos of hair filler procedures. The material related to previously treated cases allows you to evaluate examples of results according to specific requirements.


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