Face Detox Treatment

New exclusive bioenergetic Image Regenerative Clinic protocol, our detox treatment combines bioresonance and cupping. For the face and body, see Rebalance Your Body.

What the detox treatment consists of

This protocol is a healing massage based on the synergy between bioresonance and cupping therapy (like Rebalance Your Body). These two techniques work both on the meridian channels of the face, and on specific points related to the corresponding organ.

The objective of the detoxifying treatment is to improve cellular and tissue regeneration, counteract skin laxity, and drain the face of excess liquids, especially in the case of bags and heavy eyelids.

The best synergy

  • Bioresonance: through electromagnetic waves (hertz), this biomedical machine based on quantum physics transmits information to the body to restore cellular balance, stimulate tissue regeneration and self-healing capacity.
  • Cupping Therapy: this technique which dates back millennia and is of oriental import, consists of a precious massage, performed thanks to various glass cups positioned on the meridians of the body and face. These cups, manually managed according to the old tradition, in cutting-edge centers such as Image Regenerative Clinic, are connected to the Lymphodrainer machine which creates a rhythmic suction and decompression. It is precisely this vacuum effect that drains and deflates, reactivating the lymphatic system. During facial detox treatment, the therapists use cups of very small dimensions for treating delicate areas such as the eye-contour, where excess liquids often accumulate.

The synergy of the two techniques creates a state of psychophysical well-being immediately during the session. The result of the detoxifying treatment is a luminous, more toned skin, with an anti-aging effect, reduced swelling, bags and heavy eyelids.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Rebalance Your Face is a detoxifying facial treatment indicated in the treatment of the problems mentioned below, but also as an anti-aging effect and to improve skin quality.

Problems handled

Water retention, bags and facial swelling, skin laxity, especially in the jaw region, resulting in lack of tone and compactness, neck tension, migraines.


Any age.


Non-invasive – bioenergetic massage.


60 minutes.

Number of sessions and frequency

At least 6 sessions once a week.


Drink plenty of water to help eliminate fluids.


Image team performs face bioenergetic detox massage in Milan.


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