Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is very important, because it constitutes a one-way drainage that transports proteins, liquids and lipids from the interstitial space to the blood circulatory system. Furthermore, it also has filtering roles in the immune response, favoring the arrival of antigens to trigger body’s defenses.
For this reason, the lymphatic system needs attention and pampering.

What is lymph drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a set of therapeutical massage techniques, each of which acts specifically on the lymphatic circulation, facilitating it and promoting the elimination of any stagnation.
Among these, the choice of Image Regenerative Clinic is the Vodder lymph drainage massage, which allows the lymph to restore circulation, avoiding accumulation of liquids and toxins in the tissues.

Patients with various problems benefit from Vodder lymphatic drainage massage, including edema, cellulite, water retention and swelling. Furthermore, this technique is extremely effective in shortening healing times of recovery from surgical procedures, especially following liposuction and microliposuction operations.

In association with Vodder lymphatic drainage, Image Regenerative Clinic experts are constantly studying protocols and synergies to enhance the toxins’ elimination through specific draining treatments, including cupping therapy, shock waves, capacitive diathermy for localized areas and bioresonance.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Lymphatic drainage is indicated for water retention. It contractures localized micro-adiposity and slows microcirculation, but it is also recommended in case of skin laxity and, in general, to reshape the figure.


Any age.




60 minutes.


The Vodder technique takes its name from the Danish doctor Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid who, around the 1930s, while working at a hospital on the Côte d’Azur, began to treat their patients suffering from chronic colds with “lymphology” to deflate swollen lymph nodes.



Image team performs lymphatic drainage massage in Milan.

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