Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, advanced latest generation technology YAG Laser.

What is the Laser Genesis used for?

Laser Genesis is famous for its ability to smooth skin texture, reduce pore size, increase tone and rejuvenate the skin.
Genesis penetrates deep, and is capable of stimulating the production of new collagen, elastic and fibroblast fibers, resulting in an important improvement of skin texture.

Effects and results of Laser Genesis

This treatment is a fast and painless procedure with no downtime (exfoliations, crusts). It is also known as “summertime lunch laser”, because it can be performed during the summer, even on dark phototypes. It is not an aggressive procedure and, since it does not generate any peeling, it can be performed before an important event or during the lunch break.
For optimal results, multiple sessions are recommended, with an interval of 1-2 weeks between each one. The reduction of pores and the increase in skin tone are visible after the first 4 weeks, and the benefit persists over time, up to 12 weeks following the last session.
Laser Genesis is often performed in combination with Laser Toning, during the same session.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Also highly appreciated by men, laser Genesis is perfect to counteract very porous, dull and toneless skin, but also for an anti-aging action.


Any age.


Laser Genesis treatment lasts about half an hour and does not require the application of anesthetic cream.

Number of session and frequency

6 to 10 sessions, once a week.




Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs laser Genesis treatments in Milan.


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