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    Online video consultation

    The video consultation is an excellent solution that makes interaction with the doctor possible for everyone, including people who are geographically distant.

    Entering the natural medical practice after the pandemic, it allows you to arrive at the actual visit with a precise idea of what to do and the professional you will be dealing with.

    Furthermore, it also ensures the possibility of defining, already in this first approach, the objectives and any procedures to achieve them.

    “I consider the video consultation the most effective way for an initial contact between doctor and patient, which allows you to quickly understand if it is worth deepening with an in-person visit.”


    How does the video consultation take place?

    The patient will remotely meet one of our specialists for a ten minute video consultation.

    What happens after the video consultation?

    If surgery is planned, a visit always follows, while, in aesthetic medicine, the video consultation serves to optimize time and arrive at the clinic directly for treatment.

    What are the advantages of the video consultation?

    The patient immediately understands whether the perception of the problem is realistic and what are the possible treatment strategies.

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