Co-Founder & CEO

Graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, and with a Master’s in Management Accounting from the Bocconi University of Milan. She created and directed a real estate company, of which she remained a consultant for a decade. In 2009, with her husband, Professor Carlo Ferdinando Maria Tremolada – current Scientific Director of the Clinic – she inaugurated the Image Regenerative Clinic project, in which she now holds the role of Sole Administrator, pursuing constant improvement of the concept on which this international clinic and center which she strongly desired, is founded.

The search for the avant-garde of regenerative medicine through innovation – with the latest generation of machinery and excellence, as well as a highly specialized and carefully selected team – represent the heart of her vision of Image Regenerative Clinic. The Clinic has in fact the goal of consolidating in Italy the pioneering concept of being the first Regenerative Clinic, a center within which to build and rebuild, through detailed programs, the whole path towards health and beauty of the contemporary future.


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