The Philosophy

The meaning of regeneration

Regeneration means giving new life to something damaged, sick, or injured. It is a form of rebirth, a process of renewal and restoration. Regenerative medicine is an interdisciplinary field that studies and develops the ability to regenerate and self-repair cells and tissues. The human body is a perfect mechanism that renews itself every day, and has the tools to heal, self-repair and regenerate itself.
Regenerative medicine is the scientific synthesis of research that has developed the science and tools which allow us to stimulate, assist and implement the natural physiological processes of body healing and regeneration.

At Image Regenerative Clinic, the concept of Regenerative Medicine is the primary key to the therapeutic approach, an instrument of conquest for complete well-being that combines aesthetics and health.

Regenerate yourself, be reborn, get the best out of your age, at any age.

Transversal professionalism

The most up-to-date science and technology, innovative therapies and meticulous attention to the global culture of ancient medicine: this is what we are all about at Image Regenerative Clinic.
Led by Professor Carlo Tremolada, the clinic is a multifunctional center of international background, and it is unique in Italy.

A global approach

Image Regenerative Clinic investigates every single aspect in the evolution of medicine, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life. The range areas we operate in are various: from pain therapy to orthopedics, from gynecology to sleep medicine, from skincare to nutrition.
An initial fact-finding visit can inaugurate a path that will be studied and travelled down together – by both doctor and patient – to achieve the desired results in an agreed timeframe.

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