RRT slimming protocol

Reduction, remodeling and toning

For an effective and long-lasting remise en forme of the whole figure, Image Regenerative Clinic has developed the RRT Protocol (ReductionRemodelingToning). The protocol goes beyond simple medical-aesthetic treatment, leading to benefits for the whole body.

RRT aims at reducing fat mass, remodeling and toning lean mass, respecting the health and physical characteristics of the patient.

The RRT method

The process begins with an in-depth specialist visit, where a body bio-impedance test is performed. This painless procedure allows the specialist to determine the amount of fat mass, lean mass, bone mass, the total amount of water and its distribution within the body, thus accurately calibrating the most appropriate and effective steps to set.

The treatments and equipment to be used are then defined: Lipo-Laser, Led and Kotz Waves, Coolsculpting, massage therapy and draining treatments, accompanied by osteopathy sessions, personalized diets, and fitness coaching advice.

The RRT protocol, indicated for general or even localized weight loss, also works in the case of persistent fatty deposits and particular blemishes, without having to resort to surgery.


The Lipo-Laser generates a signal inside the fat cells that opens “temporary micropores” in the cell membrane, thus activating a phenomenon called “lipase”, an enzyme capable of dividing the triglycerides accumulated into fatty acids and glycerol, which are then released through the micropores.

This mechanism reproduces the body’s natural processes, but allows it to act on specific targeted areas. The procedure is completely safe and allows you to empty the fat cells, while keeping them intact.

Leds and Kotz waves

The fat that is released is then burned by the Kotz waves through the induced muscle activity, eliminating the relaxation effect and toning the muscles.

The Led Diodes have different wavelengths and determine a very effective photobiomodulation effect even at the dermal-hypodermic level.


It is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction: fast, easy to perform, FDA approved and completely painless. It is used to eliminate stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen, inner thigh, inner knee, saddlebags, hips, arms and under the chin.

Thanks to the controlled cooling (-11°C), the apoptosis process of the fat cells is triggered without damaging the surrounding tissues. Fat cells are transformed and eliminated by the immune system.

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