The term “technologies” refers to the medical and aesthetic equipment used to carry out various treatments that involve the use of a machine.

These devices are used for advanced aesthetics, but also general medicine, aesthetic and regenerative medicine, and dermatological microsurgery.

Image Regenerative Clinic is always looking for innovative machinery to aid and satisfy its patients, giving them that extra assistance, as well as a guarantee of the application of the most up to date scientific methods, uniqueness and commitment.

Moreover, if the most advanced technologies already give excellent results, the constant study of targeted synergies by our experts helps maximize their effectiveness to an even greater degree.


Indispensable devices in aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery, used to combat aging, erase skin spots and tattoos of various kinds, treat vascular lesions, atrophic, hypertrophic, acne and keloid scars, lasers are one of the many pluses you will find at Image Regenerative Clinic.
Among our lasers, we have the CO2 fractional laser (10600 nm) and erbium or Er-YAG laser (2640 nm), as well as non-ablative or partially ablative lasers, such as Nd-YAG (1060 nm), diode (1450 nm) and Fraxel lasers.

Advanced medicine and aesthetic devices

A combination of technological progress and functionality, high-level beauty machines are tools that serve good looks, health and wellbeing, even more so in the hands of expertly trained therapists.

Among them, the most requested are HydrafacialMD, the hydro-cleansing facial that hydrates your skin, improving acne and wrinkles; led mask; oxygen; diathermy to restore skin tone; Rexon-Age, from the Italian company Telea Electronic Engineering S.r.l.; Lymphodrainer, a very important all-Italian technology for face and body cupping, and shock wave machine of the Swiss electromedical company STORZ, which proves to be an indispensable ally against cellulite.


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