Gold MicroInfusion Biorevitalization

What it solves

Dull complexion

Micro roughness

Excess sebum

Gold Microinfusion is an unprecedented and revolutionary biorevitalization in ampoule, with a personalized cocktail of super hydrating, revitalizing and anti-aging skinboosters (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and Botox). Thanks to the ampoule device, the “cocktail” is applied evenly and painlessly to the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The result is a more toned, youthful and luminous look.

What is Gold Microfusion Biorevitalization

It is an innovative technique for revitalizing and regenerating the skin of the face (even in delicate areas such as the eyelids), neck, décolleté and hands. More precisely, it is the infusion of a cocktail the aesthetic doctor creates on the basis of the patient’s specific skin needs, through imperceptible microneedles. The microneedle ampoule is CE marked and approved by the FDA.

For whom it is appropriate

For those who want to improve their skin quality, making it more toned, luminous and youthful.
It is also indicated as a preventive treatment for young patients, as it is not painful and with almost immediate recovery.

It is also recommended for patients already accustomed to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery as a truly effective anti-aging / antioxidant procedure.


This technique is an excellent solution to obtain luminosity, firmness, turgidity and an anti-aging effect in a Healthy Attitude concept.

In fact, it recompacts and improves the skin’s texture, giving the complexion a new brightness. It improves the structural elasticity of the skin and the progressive reduction of pores. It is useful in reducing the production of sebum and, therefore, indicated for oily skin. Finally, the action of the microneedles stimulates collagen production, as well as guaranteeing the penetration of the chosen agents.

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