Dermatological surgery, also called dermosurgery, represents that branch of dermatology whose purpose is to surgically treat all skin lesions such as moles and cysts, which cannot find resolution with other therapies, for oncological or aesthetic reasons.

L’intervento di chirurgia dermatologica

Dermatological surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. It basically involves the removal of the lesion and reconstruction of the skin damage by suturing “on first intention” (where necessary), using techniques of reconstructive plastic surgery or, “on second intention”, if a little depression appears in the spot where the lesion was located, with the use of particular fillers.
Some skin lesions can however be removed using other methods, such as diathermocoagulation (a process that involves applying heat to a specific point), removal by shaving (tangential removal), curettage (simple scratching), or other procedures.

When to resort to dermosurgery

Dermosurgery allows the removal of moles, cysts, warts, fibroids, lipomas, papillomas, seborrheic and actinic keratoses, melanomas and epitheliomas.
Malignant and precancerous lesions require surgical attention, while benign lesions are removed mostly for aesthetic reasons. However, on that basis that a reliable diagnosis is obtained with the definitive histological examination, any suspicious growth should be removed.

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