Diagnostics and nutritional program

The key to healthy nutrition is the multidisciplinary path proposed by Image Regenerative Clinic, unique in being able to contemplate such a vast and interconnected range of treatments, with the plus of surgery as a resource of excellence. The clinic’s vision encompasses international expertise, in-depth studies on all-round innovation, research, updating and dedication to cutting-edge protocols and excellence in every branch of medicine – starting from the screening of intolerances and allergies (with Bicom-Optima bioresonance) to ensure the most healthy and suitable nutrition for every single patient.

Why start a diet

In the contemporary world, nutrition is a topic of primary importance for physical and mental well-being. The most frequent request is for weight loss. Pregnancy, menopause and stress can be, in fact, some of the causes of a sudden increase in weight, with all the related consequences. Unlike the extra pounds quickly accumulated, the diet to regain the ideal weight must be tailored to each patient, based on their condition and on the goal to maintain the achieved results. A fundamental element to take into consideration is the patient’s attitude towards the restrictions imposed by any drastic diet.

The nutritional “path”

After a thorough evaluation, the doctor will develop a specific nutritional therapy, trying to meet the patient’s personal needs as well as to obtain the best results in the shortest time possible, and completely respecting their health. The specialist will suggest a regenerative multi-therapeutic program that will allow the regaining of a desired physical shape, but also to completely rethink the perspective of one’s relationship with food, managing to obtain a harmonious balance between food and aesthetic satisfaction.

How to support the diet

During the diet, the nutritionist will propose a series of optional treatments that the patient can decide to combine with the suggested nutritional therapy to best assist in weight loss efforts and, at the same time, make it easier to reach the results, limiting as much as possible side effects (skin laxity, loss of muscle tone, stretch marks, skin blemishes and much more). Some examples of protocols that can be adopted in synergy with nutritional therapy are Storz shock waves, Cupping Therapy, mesotherapy, cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting), Vodder lymphatic drainage, glutathione infusions, various anti-cellulite protocols and much more. In addition, of course, there must be, from the patient’s side, the commitment to a healthy lifestyle that must include “physical activity”, although modulated to individual needs.

What to do at the end of the diet

Once the desired results have been achieved, Image Regenerative Clinic does not interrupt the process, but offers a further articulated scheme of solutions, including surgical ones, to adapt one’s regenerated body to everyone’s aesthetic needs: liposuction, mastopexy, lifting, laser lipolysis are just a few examples of treatments and procedures that can guarantee the most effective and long-lasting results in a global fitness path.

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