How the dermaroller works

The needles, ranging from 0.5 to 3 mm – depending on the treatment – create countless micro-holes on the skin in order to induce a controlled trauma to determine coagulation and many proinflammatory cytokines. It is precisely these two conditions that cause a cellular recall reaction, repair and formation of new collagen in the dermis.

The length of the needles is dependent on the treatment, which can be:

  • cosmetic (can also be performed at home);
  • medical (performed by the doctor after applying an anesthetic cream);
  • surgical (performed by the surgeon under sedation).

What the dermaroller is used for

The dermaroller is used to improve the tone, firmness and luminosity of the skin, as well as to smooth out those fine lines typical of smokers, and those who, over the years, have excessively exposed themselves to the sun without adequate protection.
The surgical procedure proves to be particularly effective in association with Lipogems®, which, by stimulating the regenerative processes, not only accelerates healing, but also increases the result tenfold.

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