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Hands say a lot about us, just like our face and décolleté. They show the care we dedicate to our body, and, above all, they show our age through the typical signs of aging (chronoaging and photoaging).
Undisputed symbols of gestures and expressiveness, in women they speak of femininity and grace, in men of virility and elegance. But regardless of all that, they cannot be contrasted with a well-groomed and fresh face.

This is why, especially after the age of forty, our hands need more attention than ever, otherwise the hypotrophy of the back, the accentuation of venous pattern and tendon structures, the skin spots caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, give this part of the body an “aged” and neglected look.

Treatments for hands rejuvenation

Image Regenerative Clinic offers various effective treatments dedicated to rejuvenating the hands, so that patients can also choose based on their time availability.

The most popular therapies are laser procedures for skin rejuvenation, in particular Fraxel and fractionated CO2 laser, often in synergy with peelings – revitalizing and/or lightening (PRX T33, glycolic acid) and skin booster injections with vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

Hand rejuvenation with Lipogems®

Lipogems® method also guarantees excellent results also when it comes to hand rejuvenation, in particular to contrast loss of tone and elasticity as well as hypotrophy of the back, where skin can thin.

In this case, the microfragmented and minimally manipulated autologous adipose tissue is infiltrated into the back of the hands with a single access microincision at the level of the carpus for insertion of the injection cannula.

The procedure with Lipogems®

Generally, 5 to 10 cc of Lipogems® are needed to obtain excellent results in terms of aesthetic rejuvenation and skin regeneration, making your hands look several years younger.
The operation lasts about 60 minutes, and is performed under local anesthesia with possible sedation, if requested by the patient. Only a slight swelling and, on occasion, some bruising that can be resolved within a few days can appear during the post-operative period.

In summary

For whom it is appropriate

Hand rejuvenation is indicated for anyone who wants to erase the signs of photo-chronoaging and improve the look of the back of their hands.


After forties.

Duration of the treatment

Depending on the chosen procedure.


Laser and/or peeling, skinbooster, Lipogems® (also in synergy).

Social return



Image team led by Prof. Carlo Tremolada performs hand rejuvenation in Milan.


You can view before and after hand rejuvenation photos at Image Regenerative Clinic.


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