Lipogems System and Regenerative-Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Lipogems System and Regenerative-Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Lipogems System can solve once and for all the problems of sagging breasts, both as a support for any actual breast augmentation surgery and as a single procedure. We are talking about regenerative cosmetic breast surgery, a surgical technique that uses the action of regenerative cells selected from native fat.

Phd Carlo Tremolada, who patented the Lipogems System, explains how it works.

What is regenerative-aesthetic breast surgery?

Regenerative-aesthetic breast surgery is the surgical technique using cells’ action and regenerative factors selected from fat according to Lipogems System. It can be used in any kind of breast surgery. It is suitable for breast augmentation, to encourage an increase in tone and volume, as well as in breast asymmetries corrections, reduction mammoplasties and mastopexy to restore skin’s firmness.

Furthermore, Lipogems adipose tissue autotransplant can be used to reshape and give new harmony to an old breast augmentation.

Can the Lipogems System also be used alone to regenerate women’s breasts?

Yes, it can. The microfractured adipose tissue according to Lipogems System can be infiltrated into the breast to restore volume even when actual surgery is not planned.

What exactly does Lipogems System consist of?

Lipogems System is an evolution of standard lipofilling and mesenchymal stem cell extraction techniques. Patient’s own fat is harvested under local anesthesia by micro cannulas, then microfractured and injected into the deficient area – breast in this case – through painless injections.

It is the fragmentation of the adipose tissue into small particles that makes the Lipogems System unique maintaining the characteristics of the original tissue. This purely mechanical treatment is performed inside a device. It is done in a sterile physiological liquid, protecting the original structure of the tissue.

On the other hand, the fragmentation treatment amplifies the natural body’s regenerative ability (thanks to the cells around microvessels, called Pericytes) and allows to obtain extraordinary long-term results, as the fat grafts where necessary and continues its biological action for a long time.

What are the advantages and benefits of Lipogems System in breast regenerative-aesthetic surgery?

Breast regenerative-aesthetic surgery with Lipogems System has the advantage of maximizing the aesthetic results of traditional aesthetic surgery, speeding up the biological healing and scarring processes, making the incisions invisible and reducing post-operative recovery times thanks to its anti-aging properties. The results last for a long time, because the grafted Lipogems® tissue continues its action for the years to come, reducing the risk of complications as well as those hardenings that can appear when lipofilling is performed. Besides, it visibly improves skin tone and firmness, and restores volumes.