Products and materials

Considered the soul of aesthetic medicine, they allow the specialist to restore the compactness and volume to the areas which time may have decreased, little by little, almost going unnoticed.

The various products that are available to the aesthetic doctor differ in application and functionality, and are very important in terms of final results, duration and safety.

Whether it’s a filler, the botulinum toxin or a peeling, Image Regenerative Clinic relies exclusively on the best products that international aesthetic medicine offers – supported of course by broad scientific literature.

Botox and botulinum toxin

Two brands of botulinum toxin – Vistabex 50 and Azzalure 50 – directly from two leading giants in the aesthetic medicine market – Allergan and Galderma. Specially designed to counteract wrinkles in the upper third of the face, and relax the muscles in the most natural way possible, Vistabex 50 and Azzalure 50 prove to be two safe and indispensable allies.

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Our clinic focuses on choosing the latest generation of materials with proven track record, such as the Juvederm lines by Allergan, and Aliaxin by Ibsa: all cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers to fill wrinkles, the duration and intensity of which varies depending on your needs and goals. These are flanked by three products from Neauvia, another leading company with a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine: Stimulate, Intense and Intense Lips specific for the lips.

Skinbooster, biorevitalizer and biostimulant

Created by highly specialized companies working on skin care and anti-aging prevention, the linear hyaluronic acid-based skinboosters – Restyline Vital and Vital Light – revitalize, rehydrate and improve skin texture. On the other hand, our biostimulants/biorestructurants par excellence, which can also be used in customizable synergies, are Viscoderm, Profilho, Skinko and Skinko-è, but also Skin-B, SkinOx and Skin-R.

Traction wires

Biorevitalization using Miracu traction threads with immediate lifting effect for the face, neck and body represents a different approach compared to standard injection biorevitalizations. The materials used, from the Taumed company, are PDO (polydioxanone) suture threads, a biocompatible fiber, made up of a monofilament that is progressively hydrolyzed in the tissue until completely reabsorbed. Clinical observations have shown that polydioxanone stimulates the production of new collagen, increasing the production of endogenous hyaluronic acid, and improving local microcirculation. This is why the tissue into which the threads are introduced becomes firmer, more elastic and more hydrated.


Renowned Italian brand GPQ has created a revitalizing peeling based on 33% trichloroacetic acid. PRX T33 is considered an alternative to injection biorevitalization. The action of this product (which should be handled exclusively by an aesthetic doctor) is able to trigger a real regenerative process in the fibroblasts and collagen to reduce wrinkles, spots, melasma, and scars.


In order to restore volume to large areas such as the buttocks, Image Regenerative Clinic chooses specific hyaluronic acid for the body.


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