Q-Switched laser

Quanta System’s Asset laser is one of the most advanced, powerful and effective Q-Switched lasers.

What is the Q-Switched laser used for?

This laser is used above all for tattoo removal, as it causes the destruction of the ink pigment thanks to a photoacoustic action, unlike other lasers on the market which, for this specific purpose, act by exerting high-resolution photothermal damage – at risk of harming the surrounding skin.
It is also used for pigmented lesions removal and for skin rejuvenation treatments.

How the Q-Switched laser works

The Asset laser emits very short light pulses (6 nanoseconds), much more precise and targeted than those emitted by other Q-Switched machines (50 nanoseconds): a shorter pulse, in fact, offers greater efficacy and less risk of developing fibrosis and scars.
The pigment granules, hit by the laser beam, are fragmented and, over the weeks, progressively removed from the skin and disposed of by the body.
Asset works on two different wavelengths: 1064 Nm and 532 Nm, ideal for acting effectively both on black, red and blue tattoos in various shades, and on aesthetic tattoos (permanent make-up of lips, eyes and eyebrows).
The treatment is safe and leaves no scars.

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