Knee cartilage repair: the most effective solutions

The latest and most comprehensive scientific review, involving experts worldwide, focuses on regenerative medicine solutions for repairing damaged knee cartilage, particularly to prevent osteoarthritis following trauma. Autologous fat infiltrations with Lipogems MFAT are considered the most effective, safe, and biologically active approach compared to other regenerative systems Revised by Professor Carlo Tremolada, Scientific Director of […]

Lipogems System and Regenerative-Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Lipogems System can solve once and for all the problems of sagging breasts, both as a support for any actual breast augmentation surgery and as a single procedure. We are talking about regenerative cosmetic breast surgery, a surgical technique that uses the action of regenerative cells selected from native fat. Phd Carlo Tremolada, who patented […]

Regenerative Facelift: A Natural Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

The philosophy of regenerative medicine could be summed up in one word: naturalness. Even in the face lift, it is possible to obtain natural and long-lasting results, respecting the anatomy and proportions of your face, rejuvenating the skin thanks to the regenerative cells and factors of the Lipogems system. How is it possible for a […]